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Postnatal Doula Services

What can you expect from me?​


My aim is to create a sanctuary for you so you can get as much time to rest and relax as possible, in order to be able to heal and recover, as well as bond with and look after your precious little baby.  I will make sure that you are well-fed and hydrated, that you get a chance to debrief your experiences and get support with anything you feel unsure about.   


Basically, I will work around whatever your needs are.  Whether you:  

  • need to share your story and emotions around birth and your new role as a mother with someone who will listen without judging; 

  • could use support with feeding and caring for your baby; 

  • have any questions about your physical recovery or want to find out about different healing or relaxing techniques;

  • want to discuss how to deal with feelings of anxiety or depression;

  • need someone to fill your fridge, bring you a cuppa or prepare regular wholesome family meals;

  • have a toddler who could use some supervised outdoor exercise while you nap with your baby;

  • desperately want a shower while someone keeps an eye on your baby;

  • would like someone to take charge of some general house tidying or do the washing;

  • … or all of the above and more;

I can be that person for you and am happy to discuss with you what will help you most to get the rest and care you need, in order to feel like your best self and transfer those positive vibes to your little one.


If you think you might like me to be your postnatal doula, we can have a chat to see if we are a good match and to discuss your vision for your postnatal period.

Whatever your goal is, mine is to help you achieve it!

Postnatal Doula Services
Packages Anchor
Packages *

Settle In & Relax

up to 2 weeks after birth 

7 home visits (21hrs)

£ 450

Nurturing & Confidence Building

up to 4 weeks after birth 

10 home visits (30hrs)

£ 600

MamaMoon Package

up to 40 days after birth 

15 home visits (45hrs)

£ 900

Included in the packages are the following:

FREE initial consultation

+ 2 hour postnatal planning session before birth

+ phone/sms/email support

* Individual or additional hours can be booked at any point if needed at a price of £21/hr.

For mothers who live more than 15 miles away from Southampton, I charge an additional fee for mileage per visit.  

(To be discussed and agreed when booking)

Breastfeeding Support

While breastfeeding is the natural way to feed and bond with your baby, many mothers find that it can be hard to overcome initial obstacles without support.  We live in a culture where breastfeeding is not the norm, and many of our expectations come from a formula-feeding culture.  Most of us may not have other women with breastfeeding experience around us to guide us.


I offer at-home visits to sit with you and your baby where you would normally sit to feed.  I will take time to listen to you so you can debrief how things have been going for you.  I will take a full history and discuss with you what might be going on and what the best course of action is to make breastfeeding work for you.  I can offer follow-up visits to talk about how things are progressing and to continue to guide you if you feel you need this and can offer you additional support via phone/sms/email for each visit. 


Price per hour: £25


For mothers who live more than 15 miles away from Southampton, I charge an additional fee for mileage per visit.

(To be discussed and agreed when booking)

!!! NEW !!!

I now offer antenatal breastfeeding classes which include 2 free hours of support any time after birth

to make sure breastfeeding gets off to the best possible start.  To be prepared is half the victory!


Click here to find out more

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Breastfeeding support Anchor
Babywearing Support

Baby-wearing Support

Most babies love to be held most of the time: in your arms they find warmth, safety and comfort, and they know food is never far away!  This is where their biology tells them they belong.  You could say the mother's body is their natural habitat. 

Many new parents may be shocked by how intense this need of their newborn is, and at times will feel exasperated and exhausted.  We have come to expect that a baby will sleep happily for hours on their own in a cot, but clearly babies did not get the memo that this can be a safe place for them and are likely to protest or get stressed.

Baby-wearing can be such an amazing and helpful tool in the fourth trimester (and beyond!), but above all, it has so many benefits, both for the baby and for the carer.  Just a few of these include:

  • encourages bonding and creates a great sense of security, which will help your little one to grow up feeling more confident and become more independent;

  • increases the carer's confidence: they will feel more in tune with their baby; 

  • supports the breastfeeding relationship;

  • allows for "hands-free" parenting, which can make it easier to look after older siblings, do some gentle exercise or get a few chores done;

  • reduces crying in baby and encourages sleep;

  • can help with perinatal mood disorders such as postnatal depression;

  • supports the baby's emotional and physical development;

  • is a great tool for partners to bond with their baby and give mum some time to rest;

  • and many, many more!  (If you want to read more about the benefits of baby-wearing, click here to go to Rosie Knowles' website.)

I am trained to help you get started with baby-wearing: find a carrier that suits you, support you to carry your baby safely and comfortably, and make baby-wearing work for you!

I offer a 2-3 hour consultation to demonstrate and teach you how to use different carriers, and discuss what might work best for you.

I also have a collection of wraps, slings and carriers for you to rent or try before you buy.  See prices below.

Price per consultation: £60 (includes one month free rental of a carrier of your choice)

Price for rental:

- stretchy wrap: £5/month

- all other carriers: £10/month

Refundable deposit:

- stretchy wrap: £20

- all other carriers: £50


For mothers who live more than 15 miles away from Southampton, I charge an additional fee for mileage per visit.

(To be discussed and agreed when booking)

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Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery

Sometimes the experiences we have during pregnancy, birth or in the early postnatal period can leave us feeling stuck or powerless and have a serious impact on how we experience our fourth trimester.  As much as we might try to forget about them and focus on our baby, it can be hard to just shake off recurring thoughts that may affect our mood and our ability to care for ourselves and our children.


The 3 Step Rewind Process is a simple, effective and safe technique that can lift that burden and help you feel less impacted by the thoughts of your past experience so you can look forward to a brighter future.  

This gentle technique works "content-free", which means you have the choice to share your story with me or not.

Sessions can be done in the comfort of your home.

If you want to find out more and discuss if this is the right approach for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Price for 2-3 sessions: £160


For mothers who live more than 15 miles away from Southampton, I charge an additional fee for mileage per visit.

(To be discussed and agreed when booking)

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