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!!! NEW NEW NEW !!!

Antenatal Breastfeeding Class

personalised and in the comfort of your own home

"To be prepared is half the victory"

Miguel de Cervantes

Why is this class for you?

Do you:

  • Want to breastfeed your baby but have lots of questions?

  • Want to know what to expect when you choose to breastfeed your baby and what it is really like?

  • Wonder if you will be able to breastfeed?

  • Feel anxious after hearing lots of scary stories from friends and other people?

  • Feel really passionate about sharing that unique bond and giving your baby all the goodness of your own milk?

Stack the odds in your favour for a successful and satisfying breastfeeding journey!!

How it works:


A 3 to 4 hour session, which can be split up into two sessions if you prefer, and includes a break with a home-baked snack.

We will cover all the basics of breastfeeding, including demos and practice with weighted dolls, allowing plenty of time for any questions or concerns you may have. 

All in the comfort of your own home, any time that suits you before the birth of your baby.

Total price for the antenatal session: £95 - which includes a FREE 2 hour follow-up any time after the birth of your baby, to make sure you feel confident and any adjustments can be made to help breastfeeding go smoothly!

A small group session can be arranged at an adjusted price.  Contact me to discuss this option!

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What we will talk about

  • The benefits of breastfeeding and how you feel about breastfeeding

  • Getting comfortable and preparing your breastfeeding station

  • Positioning and Attachment

  • What to expect: normal behaviour of a breastfed baby

  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk

  • Common concerns and obstacles: how to overcome them 

  • The importance of your partner’s support and how they can be involved

  • Breastfeeding and sleep


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