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Doula and Breastfeeding Resources

Below I have made a selection of my favourite books and websites on breastfeeding and the postnatal period. They provide invaluable information to new mothers and families.  I love to share these resources with you as they can help you prepare during pregnancy and discover the path that feels right to you.


I own at least one copy of the books listed below, and am happy to lend them out to mothers I work with in my role as their postnatal doula or breastfeeding counsellor.

I ask for a £5 deposit - refunded upon return - and a £1 lending fee.

Many of these books are also available to buy from lllgb.books.

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The Postnatal Period

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• The Fourth Trimester, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Shambala, 2017

• Why Postnatal Recovery Matters, Sophie Messager, Pinter&Martin, 2020

The Postnatal Period Anchor


• The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, D. Wiessinger, D. West, T. Pitman, Pinter&Martin, 2010

• Breastfeeding Take Two, Stephanie Casemore, Gray Lion Publishing, 2011

• Why Infant Reflux Matters, Carol Smyth, Pinter and Martin, 2021

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• What Mothers Do, Naomi Stadlen, Piatkus, 2005

• Kiss Me!, Carlos Gonzalez, Pinter&Martin, 2012

• Why Babywearing Matters, Rosie Knowles, Pinter&Martin, 2016

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• Sweet Sleep, D. Wiessinger, D. West, L. Smith, T. Pitman, Pinter&Martin, 2014

• Sleeping with Your Baby, James J McKenna, Platypus Media, 2009

Nighttime Parenting, William Sears, Plume, 1999

Sleep Anchor

Siblings: older babies and toddlers

Starting Solids.jpeg

• Adventures in Tandem Nursing, Hilary Flower, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2019

• Why Starting Solids Matters, Amy Brown, Pinter&Martin, 2017


• Baby Led Weaning Cookbook, Gill Rapley, Tracey Murkett, Vermilion, 2010

• Happy Parents, Happy Siblings, Laura Markham, Vermilion, 2015

• Sign with your Baby, Jane Jarvis, Hodder Education, 2008

Sibling Anchor
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Relationships and Communication

• Adventures in Gentle Discipline, Hilary Flower, La Leche League Intl., 2005


• How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Piccadilly Press, 2012

• Raising Children Compassionately, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Puddle Dancer Press, 2004

• NVC, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Puddle Dancer Press, 2015

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